CRM for Outlook

A Complete Email Archive solution for all Customer Emails

If you have ever looked at Email Achiving solution you will find that you can pay thousands of dollars and still not have all emails listed under company names. SalesOutlook has always automatically filed emails to and from Customers. However, users with large attachments found that over time the database size grew because of the attachments.

SalesOutlook can now store Email and attachments as well as documents on SharePoint, off loading the storage from the local database.

This option is more technical and is behind the scenes. But believe me when I say this is a huge deal in that you are getting an Email archiving system for a fraction of the cost. And all emails are grouped by customer and marked as sent or received and to whom that were sent to.
Sally Bensworth

If you use Microsoft 365 then you have a free terabyte of data to store all the emails and documents so there is no additional costs from Microsoft. If you go over the terabyte limit then you can purcahse additional space at a nominal charge.

Get a grip on your email history from your customers!


Daniel Duque

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